Online Aviation Theory


Once an Online Aviation Theory subscription has been purchased, you will need to download and install the O.A.T. Browser in order to access the Online Aviation Theory website.

The O.A.T. Browser can be installed on a large range of popular devices and operating systems. See System Requirements for a complete list.

Usage Restrictions:
  • The O.A.T Browser can be installed on multiple devices. A successful login from one of your devices via the O.A.T Browser will register it into the O.A.T. database.
  • A maximum of 5 registered devices are allowed at one time.
  • A 14 day grace period is given to you upon the date you register your first device. During this period, you can freely register and de-register your devices within O.A.T.
  • After the grace period, you can only change access from an existing device to another device once per 30 days.
  • You can only use one device at a time. You must sign out from one device before you can use another.

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