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Recognising organisations that have advanced the cause of aviation training through innovative methods, the Royal Aeronautical Society & Australian Flying Award was bestowed to Online Aviation Theory for the ‘Best Flying Training Organisation of the Year’ based on their superior online training techniques.

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What is Online Aviation Theory?

Created with the student in mind, Online Aviation Theory offers theory-based, online courses for those studying their Private, Commercial or Airline Transport licence exams for either aeroplanes or helicopters.

Study at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or while you’re on the move with hundreds of rich and easy to use diagrams, animations and visual aids to support your comprehension.

Online Aviation Theory is available to download on all common digital devices with
Basic Aeronautical Courses starting from $150.00

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BAK/RPL, PPL, CPL or ATPL courses

Courses available for Basic Aeronautical Knowledge / Recreational Pilot Licence, Private, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot's theory courses.


Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) is the foundation for all of the exams from the Restricted Pilot License (RPL) right through to the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL).
A Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) authorises pilots to fly light, single-engine aircraft as the pilot in command, independently of a flying school, without supervision.

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Private Pilot's Licence
A private pilot licence (PPL) is a licence that allows the holder to pilot an aircraft as pilot-in-command or co-pilot when the aircraft is being operated in a private operation or the holder is receiving flying training.

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Commercial Pilot's Licence
A commercial pilot licence (CPL) authorises you to conduct commercial operations, and be remunerated when doing so.

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Airline Transport Pilot's Licence
An airline transport pilot licence (ATPL) authorises you to act as the pilot in command (PIC) of aircraft conducting regular public transport (RPT) operations, i.e. - airline operations.

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Lower Grade Courses Included

Each subscription includes all the lower grades of courses, and can be renewed annually for $35 (a one-off $35 fee covers the course you subscribed to, and all the lower levels).

Complimentary Index of CASA Regulations

Each of these courses comes with one year's complimentary copy of the INDEX OF CASA REGULATIONS, which can be renewed for an additional $10 when renewing an Aviation Theory course.

Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase a course and find you're not COMPLETELY satisfied with it, e-mail me within 48 hours of your initial purchase and I will cancel the course and refund your money in full.

Instrument Theory Course

We also offer an IREX course which is a stand-alone course for $750 for year one, and can be renewed annually for $35.

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All courses include the following features as standard:

or ATPL courses

Basic Aeronautical Knowledge / Recreational Pilot Licence, Private, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot's Licences.

CASA & CAA-NZ compliant courses

Choose between Australian, New Zealand, or Northern hemisphere courses.

Study at your
own pace while learning

Complete each course at your own pace using the online resources made available through Online Aviation Theory.

Unlimited online
theory exams

Revision and exam questions graded according to the aircraft type and grade of course for maximum relevance.

Animated illustrations
and audio summaries

To fast track comprehension and increase your understanding.

Multiple device access

Access the course content on any one of 5 devices anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Practice exams

Practice makes perfect so we offer you unlimited access to the latest exam questions.

A bank of 16,000+ questions

Including a selection of CASA and JAR questions, as well as all of the American FAA questions.

Money back guarantee

A full refund offered within the first 48 hours of purchasing if you are not completely satisfied.

Getting Started

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your course

Choose between Australian and New Zealand compliant courses for private, commercial or airline transport theory.
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OAT browser

Download the OAT browser onto your computer, tablet or mobile.

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With the convenience of course content and practice exams available across multiple devices you can start studying at our own pace, immediately.
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    “Thanks for all the hard work you have put into O.A.T the animations and voice recordings really help with the retention and understanding of some of the more difficult concepts. ”
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    “I passed all my exams some months ago with flying colours, much to the surprise of others who thought it could only be done by expensive theory classes or the 'other' expensive courses.”
    Craig Pointon
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    “I have been using your course to study ATPL Air Law and it's great. I had been given the AFT Air Law booklet and was using it, but yours leaves it for dead. Great stuff.”
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    “Would just like to thank you for your CPL course. It was fantastic and I have recommended it to a lot of other people. I did really well in all my exams getting and average of 95%.”
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    “The practice exams direct you to the specific area you are having trouble with, so you complete the unit of study with a 100% understanding of the content, and not just an exam pass “
    James Trenberth
    Offshore Pilot
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