Awards & Reward Responses


Ron Newman was awarded the Royal Humane Society (Australia) bronze medal for a night rescue where he had to operate with the rotor less than 1 metre from a cliff face with one wheel balanced on a submerged rock to pick up two injured people who had fallen over the cliff whilst 'socially' engaged.


Online Aviation Theory won the Royal Aeronautical Society/Australian Flying award for the Best Flying Organisation of the Year. This award recognises organisations that have advanced the cause of aviation training through innovative methods and instruction that goes beyond the CASA syllabus. Online Aviation Theory, through its use of the Internet and advanced training techniques, has demonstrated all the attributes and more of a company worthy of the label Flying Training Organisation of the Year.


Ron Newman (author of OAT) was awarded the title of Master Air Pilot in recognition of skill, experience & service in the profession of aviation, with the certificate being signed by His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, Duke of York. With an average of only 13 certificates issued worldwide each year this is a true testament to Ron’s skills and recognition within the industry.


Ron Newman received the Royal Aeronautical Society/Australian Flying ‘COL PAY’ Award for a Lifetime of Service to General Aviation.

Award Responses

“Awards well deserved mate. You've definitely left your mark on the industry. There are many pilots out there, including myself, that are thankful to have learned our craft from you.”
Brett Anderson
“Congratulations on both awards I’m sure you deserve them both. I am sure you have made better pilots because of your efforts. Keep up the good work and don’t stop now, the world needs better pilots in the sky.”
David Rosato
“Congratulations Ron. I have been a casual instructor for quite some time now and I regularly refer to your notes to keep me on top of the game. I sincerely thank you for your time and contributions to the industry.”
Mick McCall
“Congratulations on being recognised as a Master Air Pilot by the British Society of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots. This is a very well deserved recognition and highlights the level of knowledge and skill you have not only acquired but passed on to fellow pilots and students in your almost fifty year involvement in aviation. Congratulations also on your website Online Aviation Theory being awarded Flight Training Organisation of the Year, once again an extremely well deserved award. I have personally learnt a great deal from you, Brett and PHS whilst I was training and continue to learn even now, thanks to your books and Online Aviation Theory. Thank you for sharing your remarkable knowledge of aviation, I believe it has made me, and continues to make me, a better, safer pilot. Once again Congratulations. ”
David James
“Congratulations!! What more can I say, but well done.”
Gavin Secombe
“Congratulations on the award and all the work well done. Keep it up!”
KY Yang
“Congratulations on both awards Ron. I am enjoying my learning through OAT”
Tony Jamieson
“That's great Ron, you deserve all the praises for this achievement.”
Richard Curie
“Congrats Ron! On both awards. It's a pleasure to be one of your students.”
Anthony Wolff
“Congratulations Ron! I feel proud to have trained with PHS, and to have flown with you.”
Gary Poulton
“Congratulations Ron. Well done and your contributions are appreciated on many levels.”
Roger Dymke
“Congratulations Ron. You deserve these awards for all your hard work.”
Richard Purdy
“Congratulations Ron. A great achievement!!”
Jason Clarke
“Congratulations on your Master of Air Pilot and Online Aviation Theory award, well-deserved.”
Mark Slade
“Congrats for the achievement from Germany - Best regards Roger - Flight Test Engineer - Airbus Helicopter”
Roger Palsa
“Taught by the best....... Congrats Ron!”
Luke OMore
“I would like to congratulate you on both prestigious awards, definitely you deserve them! Personally when I was a student at PHS for my CPL I realized quickly the high quality of the methods and instruction materials Online Aviation Theory was offering. I feel I was very fortunate and have learn things about helicopters that even today are so helpful through my engineering and pilot career.”
Michael Doritch
“Well done, Ron. Your continued effort to advance safety in aviation and raise the standard of pilot training is admirable. Ten years on from training and working for you, I am still benefiting from the skills taught by PHS. Being able to 'cut my teeth' at the Rock for two years was invaluable and set me up well for my career thus far, which has seen me fly all over the world including four trips to Antarctica.”
Chris Palmer
“What a great honour you have been awarded Ron, congratulations. The time and effort you put into these books is amazing. I have learned all my theory through your books and have found them fantastic. You deserve all the respect that comes with these awards and I would like to thank you for sharing your experience.”
John Beanland
Congratulations on both of these awards. You are a very worthy recipient. Still proud to have been one of your first students.”
Ian Smart, Senior Base Pilot, Careflight
“Congratulations Ron. I can say that OAT continues to be a great resource that continues to help me personally, with understanding the various aspects of the aviation syllabus!”
Naveen Peiris
“Well done Ron. Outstanding news. Well-deserved from all aspects in the Aviation World, couldn’t have gone to a better person. It’s a great inspiration as a junior pilot to be a part of PHS, knowing that I’m learning from the best which you have had a great input with. You have certainly earned this prestigious award.”
Jeff Bowtell
“Congratulations Ron, what an outstanding achievement! For someone just beginning their flying career it is inspirational to hear about your accomplishments, thank you for sharing. Well done on joining such an exclusive group!!”
Annika Landsmann