There are several schools in Australia and New Zealand that are using the Online Aviation Theory course as either their sole means of teaching theory, or it’s supplementing their main method. There are several others that recommend the course to their students.

The following reviews were sent to me via email several years ago,
and these are the only ones I saved.

“Just a bit of feedback for you, I have spent the day using your course to study ATPL Air Law and it's great. I had been given the removed Air Law booklet and was using it, but yours leaves it for dead. Great stuff.”
Chris Palmer
ATPL Course
Words blocked out by OAT.
“I have been attending the theory courses at removed and have failed AGK 3 times. I was having a lot of trouble understanding what it was all about until I was referred to your course. After subscribing to your course, I passed it on the next attempt. I will continue to attend the theory classes but I will back it up the online course.”
Name withheld
"I passed all my exams some months ago with flying colours, much to the surprise of others who thought it could only be done by expensive theory classes or the 'other' expensive course, which incidentally on examination (pun intended) seemed to be of a lesser standard than yours."
Craig Pointon
“I chose Online Aviation Theory for the following reasons: Cost effective learning, Learning at my own pace and anywhere I have access to an internet connection, Readily accessible information without the need to have hard copies of course notes, No expiry date.

The online theory certainly contains everything one needs to know, yet goes further into detail than needed to just obtain a simple pass with CASA. I have only passed 2 subjects so far, and one on the first attempt. The other subject was hindered by the fact that I didn’t know that piston engines were included in the BAK exam. Passed since.”
Richard Currie
Federal Police
“This was the theory course that was used with the in-house classes, so it made sense to use this course for home study as well. I found the information very useful and due to this online course, and the in-house course that was based on the online course, I was able to pass all seven exams first time. I still refer to it from time to time to refresh my knowledge.”
Stephen Peppard
“I found that the course completely satisfied the NZ syllabus. I did attend some theory classes but found the subjects easier to comprehend with the visual aids of the ’OAT’ course, and the way the course is set out makes it simple to go back and forth as you please and cover each subject thoroughly.

I really love what you have done with it and admire all the time and effort that has been put into the course.”
Amber Vanner
New Zealand
“Would just like to thank you for your CPL course. It was fantastic and I have recommended it to a lot of other people. I did really well in all my exams getting and average of 95%. I was now looking at doing the ATPL subjects but have not purchased them. Is there price to pay for just the ATPLs without repurchasing the PPL and CPL subjects?”
Michael Bannon
CPL Course
CPL YSA - AGK 1 93%
"Thanks for all the hard work you have put into O.A.T the animations and voice recordings really help with the retention and understanding of some of the more difficult concepts. The OAT exams really do assist to keep you honest about how you’re travelling and I found some of the questions do go into a bit more depth than the casa exams I've completed, which is beneficial in the long run if you take the time to understand the content and really know how to answer the questions leaves you with a much greater depth of knowledge to draw upon not just for the exams but more importantly through your aviation journey which after all is the reason we are doing all this work in the first place. The only down side for myself with the course was no offline accessibility I guess that's why its called online aviation theory, always having to have access to the internet which probably isn't a problem for the 99% of the users/population in our ever connected society. I spent the majority of the last few years in the bush drilling water bores around the country which made it a bit hard but that's more my problem than yours and probably isn't even worth worrying about for the majority of your clientele."
Nick McKay
“I have sat 3 ATPL (H) exams and passed them all on the first attempt. The only study material I used was the Online Aviation Theory course.”
Mark Slade
Corporate Pilot
“I gleaned information about it from the PHS website, and decided that, as it was written by a highly-experienced helicopter pilot, it would be ideal for me to learn helicopter CPL theory from. I also attended PHS’s classroom courses for 6 subjects (not Human Factors), initially with Phil, and later with Matt.

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I found these a most beneficial means of enhancing OAT study, allowing me the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications, and to attempt additional practice questions I found Ron Newman’s Online Aviation Theory course an excellent method for me to learn all the information I required to sit and pass all 7 CPL(H) exams – first time too! Ron explains all the theory behind Aviation General Knowledge and Aerodynamics very clearly, even for someone like me (who never did Physics at school) to understand. Meteorology went into just the right amount of detail required by the exam. Human Factors provided me all the knowledge I needed, given that I did not attend the classroom training for this subject. Navigation complemented my practical dual and solo “nav’s” ideally. Operations, although consisting of many complex calculations, gave numerous examples, which made understanding the formulae involved easier. Finally, Ron’s way of relating the various Law* books (CAR, CAO, CAAP, AIP, ERSA) to the rules and regulations required to be known by all pilots, interspersed with his comments and experiences, made what could have been a very “dry” subject more enjoyable, and assisted in reminding me where to find the references, and in which books, as required in the CASA exam.”
Graham Strachan
Helicopter CPL Theory
“As many pilots commence training in both fixed wing and rotary aviation, or chose to complete the other down the track, it is of great benefit to utilise an educational tool with consistent and well presented content between the two forms of aviation, to facilitate an easy transition.

Continue reading this testimonial offers all of this and more, with hundreds of rich and easy to understand diagrams and a practice exam system which is kept up to date with the latest in exam questions.

The practice exams direct you to the specific area you are having trouble with, so you complete the unit of study with a 100% understanding of the content, and not just an exam pass.”
James Trenberth
Offshore Pilot

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