Windows Installation Instructions

Follow these instructions to download and install the Online Aviation Theory (O.A.T) browser onto your Windows computer.

Instructions will vary depending on your version of Windows and Browser.

Download the O.A.T. Browser

Click here to download

Click Run at the prompt to "Do you want to run or save OnlineAviationTheorySetup.msi"

If you receive a warning message about the publisher not being verified, please ignore and proceed to running the program.

After the installer has been downloaded and started up, you will see the following screen.

Click Next to proceed, select a destination installation folder and follow the instructions specified by the installer.

Once you confirm to proceed with the installation and it has successfully completed, you will see the following message.

An Online Aviation Theory browser icon will now exist on your desktop. Double click this icon to run.

You will see the O.A.T. Browser login screen.
Here you can enter your username and password provided to you when you purchased a subscription and you will gain access to the Online Aviation Theory.

Always use the Online Aviation Theory icon in your Desktop to log in to Online Aviation Theory.