Course Description

Online Aviation Theory offers online, theory-based courses to prepare you for your Private, Commercial or Airline Transport licence exams.

Study at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or while you're on the move with hundreds of rich and easy to use diagrams, animations and visual aids to support your comprehension. Best chance to pass your exams first time with Online Aviation Theory.

When you sign up for a course, all courses cover the lower level courses, and you can elect to access the content and questions at any of the lower levels.


Aeroplane or Helicopter

The course covers both helicopter and aeroplane flight theory, however the content and questions that are specific to either a helicopter or an aeroplane are only visible to the course (Aeroplane or Helicopter) you have subscribed to.

Region Specific Choices

Receive the correct information on meteorology, compass errors and region specific information based on the hemisphere or region you select.

Private, Commercial or
Airline Transport Pilot

If you subscribe to the Commercial (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) courses you can study the content, questions and exams at any of the lower levels of courses as you progress through your flying training.

The CPL course is divided into the following subjects:

Principles of FlightHelicopter or Aeroplane

Aircraft General KnowledgeHelicopter or Aeroplane

Piston EnginesHelicopter or Aeroplane
This is a separate subject because it's part of the Aircraft General Knowledge exam in some regions, including Australia, and a separate subject in some other regions

Turbine EnginesThis is a separate subject because it's part of Aircraft General Knowledge in some, but not all, regions

MeteorologyWith local content for Australia and New Zealand, and some features for Malaysia and the USA

Air LawAt the present time, the only regulatory authorities I have covered in relation to AIR LAW are the Australian CASA, and the New Zealand CAA, but the rest of the course is applicable to any region.

NavigationIncludes map reading skills in normal and remote areas, as well as many hints from over 60 years in the industry.

Performance and OperationsHelicopter or Aeroplane
As well as covering the required syllabus, it includes many hints from over 60 years in the industry.

Human FactorsOne of the most comprehensive Human Factors courses available.

Simplified Learning

To assist with learning I have broken up the course content for you.

All course subjects are broken up into topics and at the end of each topic you can do as many randomly generated, 20 question revision tests on that topic as you like, to ensure you have familiarised yourself with the theory.

At the end of each subject there is a randomly generated, 50 question revision test on the whole chapter to ensure that you have grasped the entire subject, and you can do as many of these as you like, and you won't see a question repeated until you've seen every question in that subject, and there are over 16,000 questions in the OAT database.

Explained Learning

Online Aviation Theory is like having your own private tutor.

If you select an incorrect answer in a revision test, you will be taken back to the relevant section in that chapter so you can do some more study before having another attempt at answering that question.

Until you answer a question correctly, you cannot progress to the next question.

If it is more than a simple question, when you answer it correctly you will see an explanation of exactly why that was the correct answer, just in case it was a lucky guess.

Practice Exams

Because we all know practice makes perfect, Online Aviation Theory lets you complete randomly selected exams on each subject, in a similar format to the official examinations, and as it is in the revision questions, you won't see a question repeated until you've seen every question in that subject.

All practice exams are timed to prepare you for the real examination, but unlike the revision tests offered at the end of each topic and at the end of each subject, they will not take you back to the text, or give you an explanation of why that answer was correct, but when you have finished, you can go back over the ones you answered incorrectly.

Taken from a bank of over 16,000 questions, including many CASA and European JAR questions, and all the American FAA questions, Online Aviation Theory allows you to repeat the questions as often as you like with no additional charges.

Exam Feedback

When you have finished an Online Aviation Theory exam, the screen will display the following information:

The time taken.

Your mark.The percentage of questions answered correctly

The questions you answered incorrectly.

The sections within the course where the incorrect answers came from so you can go back and continue reviewing.

Each question is then displayed in the exam format for you to have another attempt at answering the question. If you get it wrong this time, it takes you back to the correct section of the course for more study before having another attempt at answering that question.

When you have finished reviewing all the questions you got wrong,
it sends you an email similar to the following:

You achieved a mark of 88% for the 50 question PRINCIPLE OF FLIGHT exam you started at 21:25 on 04/02/2012 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) that took 1 hour and 37 minutes to complete. The questions you answered incorrectly are listed below in the order in which they appeared in the course.


The system is designed to make sure you get a good understanding of the subject matter, not just pass the examination.

Animated illustrations are used to further increase comprehension, and audio summaries allow you to listen to large sections of the course as well as reading it, which makes it even easier to comprehend the course information.

The American FAA publish all their questions, so if you are studying for the FAA exam, you will see the actual FAA questions and answers.

The Australian CASA, the New Zealand CAA and the European JAR do not publish their questions, but the questions in this course and the associated choice of answers, are very representative of the questions they ask.

With its own search engine that allows you to find any word or phrase used anywhere in the course Online Aviation Theory makes studying a breeze and an ideal reference source well after you have passed the exams.

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