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This award recognises organisations that have advanced the cause of aviation training through innovative methods and instruction that goes beyond the CASA syllabus. Online Aviation Theory, through its use of the internet and advanced training techniques, has demonstrated all the attributes and more of a company worthy of the label "FLYING TRAINING ORGANISATION OF THE YEAR".

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AVIATION THEORY COURSES - Course fees for year one -  BAK/RPL - $125      PPL - $525      CPL - $825     ATPL - $1250
Each subscription includes all the lower grades of courses, and can be renewed annually for $35.

INSTRUMENT THEORY COURSE - The IREX course is a stand-alone course for $750 for year one, and can be renewed annually for $35 (or an additional $20 when renewing an Aviation Theory course).

Each of these courses comes with one year’s complimentary copy of the INDEX OF CASA REGULATIONS, which can be renewed for an additional $10 when renewing an Aviation Theory course and/or the IREX course.

If you purchase a course and find you're not COMPLETELY satisfied with it, e-mail me within 48 hours of your initial purchase and I will cancel the course and refund your money in full.

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Randomly selected questions with explanations and illustrations (where applicable) plus a paragraph from the Online Aviation Theory website (that contains over 16,000 questions) can be seen via the free OAT APP. If you don’t have this free app, you can download it by clicking HERE. Once installed, you only need to double-click on the app on your desktop each time you want to access this study aid.

If you're trying to decide on a theory school to study for a Private, Commercial, or ATPL licence for either aeroplanes (airplanes) or helicopters, either before or whilst you're learning to fly, you don't have to travel to an aviation academy, an aviation theory centre, or an aviation school, this is one of the most advanced aircraft theory courses available, and you can do it at your own pace by home study.

Regardless of which aeroplane or helicopter flight school you choose, as you progress through your flight training and gain your Private Pilot Licence (PPL), your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), and then your Airline Transport Pilot's Licence (ATPL), you can rest assured that if you use the Online Aviation Theory course (, you will have had the best aviation theory training available, and once you have signed on, you can do as many free online theory tests as you like.

Although the course covers both helicopter flight theory and aeroplane flight theory, the helicopter theory course and the aeroplane theory course are separated, and you will not see statements like 'this is for aeroplanes, and this is for helicopters’.

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